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Is Barefooting Really a Spiritual Practice?


Walking in bare feet, or "barefooting" helps us to be present in the moment and attune to the sacred that is all around us. Eliana and Greg offer some tips, regardless of whether this is your first or five-thousandth time barefooting.

Is Barefooting Really a Spiritual Practice?2020-09-26T14:25:38-04:00

Easy DIY Recycled Yoga Mat Emergency Huaraches


Being a long-time barefooter, and living in such a barefoot-unfriendly urban environment like Toronto, Canada, I have gotten used to carrying along “emergency” footwear for those situations when bare feet [...]

Easy DIY Recycled Yoga Mat Emergency Huaraches2018-04-17T14:15:04-04:00

Morning Exercises


Hi Barefooters! Fall is upon us here in Toronto and I'm trying to make the best out of the weather. As part for my daily routine, I'm setting aside some [...]

Morning Exercises2017-07-17T16:57:27-04:00
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