Sole to Ground – a barefooter’s poem

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Guest post by fellow barefooter Tony D.

Hello! I’m Tony, a full-time barefooter living in Oxfordshire, England. Moe asked me if I’d like to write something for the blog (thanks Moe!) and I’m honoured to be asked and happy to oblige. Here it is.

“Sole to Ground”

I pass from the dead road and empty lane
Across the roots of ivy-hung trees
And into these woods, where the morning’s real;
Stained bare feet trusting the familiar earth,
Tread sure and steady as heartbeat.

Step; sole to ground still damp from early shower;
Step; soft dead leaves and rough twigs’ snap;
The jab of a stone, interrupting my arch;
Grass’ whisper shadowing my footfall.
Step follows step follows step follows step
Down the sloping track to the cool under the green.

I learned these woods barefoot –
The humps and dips of the firm-packed earth,
And the way to walk when rain turns the path to a slither;
Where the brambles blossom and berry, and the berries ripen,
And where flowers rise in spires above my head;
Where the mud stays soft in the shade by the stream,
And my five-toed tracks join boot-print and wheel-rut;
The birdsong, deer’s call, and water’s endless story.

Barefoot is my first language
And walking here alone I feel it spoken;
Earth-soled, welcomed home,
In the summer’s fading.



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