Barefooting in Public

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One of the things most people wander about barefooting is whether doing it in public is OK or not. Well te answer is simple: Yes it is OK to go barefoot in public!

There is nothing wrong with a healthy pair of bare feet. The same way there is nothing wrong with a pair of bare hands. Contrary to popular belief, there are no laws or ordinances anywhere in North America against driving a car barefooted, or going barefoot in public places or places of business including:

  • Public buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings

Certain places choose to request the use of footwear in their premises in order to comply with their own dress code (the same way some restaurants require formal attire). However, such places can not claim “health department ordinances” or anything similar for imposing such dress codes on patrons or customers. Therefore, such claims can easily be challenged.

Note that there are safety codes that require some employees to wear close-toed shoes in certain working environments, because of extreme hazards such as: extreme temperatures, risk of injuries by sharp objects. Examples of such places are: construction sites, surgery rooms, factories, restaurant kitchens, metal foundries, etc.

What will others think if they see you walking barefoot on the streets?

The truth is that, regardless of whatever others may think, going barefoot is a personal choice – the same way wearing a pair of gloves or a hat are also personal choices. Going barefoot is something one does for his or her own comfort and health.

Statistically speaking, about 80% of people won’t even notice. Some others might be curious and perhaps might even try doing it too, once they see it is fine for someone else to do it. A percentage of misinformed people will think there is something wrong with it; however, they will keep it to themselves. Very few will make comments or ask questions.

Come to think about it, the average time length you are in “contact” with the any by-passer on the street is no more than 10 or 15 seconds. Do you ultimately care about what someone who sees you for only 15 seconds of your entire life might think?

You can go barefoot too!

Yes, anyone can. Amazingly enough, even after years of confinement, human feet can rapidly adapt to a newly recovered “freedom”. At first, it might feel a bit awkward or strange to walk barefoot on surfaces you’ve never tried before.

The key is to start slowly and not overdo it. A 10 or 15 minute walk around the block every day is the best way to get started. Soon, you will gain the confidence to expand your barefooting experience. You will also re-acquire a “taste” for it. The more time you spend barefooted, the less you will care for having your feet confined in shoes. Footwear will slowly become an accessory or protective gear (like gloves or a helmet, that you only wear in special circumstances), rather than a necessity.

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