Because it feels great!

Remember when you were a child and used to spend entire summers barefooted and, by the end of the second or third week you’d be able to run barefoot on any surface – even gravel? Imagine still being able to do that now, without a worry, without giving it a second thought.

Also imagine being able to “feel” all the surfaces on which you are walking: from warm concrete to cool, smooth marble, moist grass, plush carpets, squishy mud, just to name a few. You can certainly do this and much more if you give your feet a chance!

Going barefoot can help you:

  • relax and de-stress
  • improve your lower body circulation
  • invigorate your body
  • contribute to a better mood
  • help build stronger bones, ligaments and muscles in your lower body
  • help you achieve a better walking and standing posture
  • even contribute to strengthening your immune system!

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