What’s wrong with you!?

Barefoot Life

Hi all,

Something very nice and funny happened to me this afternoon. I was running late for an appointment with a client at an office nearby my apartment building. Since the client is relatively new, I decided to wear a pair of sandals to avoid any inconveniences and further delays.

As I was passing by the gatehouse at the driveway entrance, I heard a strong voice coming from within the gatehouse: “What is wrong with you!?” I stopped on my tracks and turned just to find the security guard with a big grin on his face from speaking to me from inside: “Why are you wearing shoes! Take them off, take them off!”

I had no choice but to laugh and kick my sandals off… He gave me thumbs up and I continue my walk. It turns out that I walked all the way to my client’s in bare feet and only put my sandals back on before entering into the office lobby… Of course, the sandals came off as soon as we sat in his office.

On my way back, I discalced myself again in the elevator going down and walked back home barefooted… The porter greeted me again with thumbs up and saying: “That’s it! That’s more like you Sir!”

If only all security staff were that friendly and encouraging everywhere!

Stay barefoot, and keep those nice feet happy!

Barefoot Moe

Toronto, Canada

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