Tips for Barefooting Beginners

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Here are some pointers for anyone who wants to start going barefoot:

Don’t overdo it. Start by taking short walks around the neighbourhood and increase the distance and time according to your own comfort level. Before long, you will be able to spend entire days and take lengthy walks barefooted without thinking twice about it.

Choose areas that have less challenging surfaces, such as even pavement, grass, etc. Ideal places for barefoot beginners are parks, bike and walking paths, open streets. Then, you can progressively challenge yourself to walk on other surfaces.

Start barefooting in the mornings or early evenings, when the sun is not shining so brightly (especially in the summer). The pavement will have a pleasant temperature and you will enjoy the experience even more.

Moisturize your feet with lotion to keep the skin’s natural flexibility. Lotions containing lanolin, urea, and glycerin are especially good. Other effective moisturizers are olive and vegetable oils. It’s best to apply moisturizers at bedtime to allow the skin to absorb them more effectively. If you use oils, you might consider wearing a light pair of socks to bed, as to avoid staining your sheets.

Carry a pair of light sandals or slippers with you as a “backup”, in case you feel the need to put something on. However, try to resist the temptation of putting them on too soon, otherwise, you’ll get back to square one, and will not allow your feet to get used to staying bare.

Look about ten paces ahead of you when you walk. This will help you recognize possible obstacles or hazards in your path, so you can avoid them accordingly.

Step down, do not shuffle your feet when walking. This will prevent any sharp objects to cut your soles. The soles are very elastic; therefore, small objects will stay in the surface of your skin and will not puncture it if you step down on them, as opposed to dragging them by shuffling your feet.

Above all, have fun! Remember, Going barefoot is something you should enjoy and feel happy about. Be safe, and give yourself the freedom of doing something exciting and different, keeping in mind that it will also bring you benefits and joy.

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