Barefoot Life

I found this great photo on Flickr this morning: “being bored” by Dane Brian

As far as I’m concerned, the perfect image of relaxation and life joy: the great scenery, the rooftop patio, a fine pint of darught, and – of course – a pair of beautiful bare feet propped on the table.

Nevertheless, the photo owner, felt the need to post a note on his photo, right on top of his bare feet that reads: “I had been planting things and walking around barefooted… I hope there’s nothing offensive here!”

It really saddens me that, in this day and age, someone would even begin to think about apologizing for something so simple and natural as enjoying a break with his bare feet in full display. This goes to show how repressive social standards can be. If anything, bare feet should be celebrated and encouraged, since they not only represent freedom and happiness, but also are exemplary of good health.

Everyone, keep those feet bare all you want, and don’t be ashamed to show the world you love it!

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