Not the best season this year 🙁

Barefoot Life

Tonight, I’ve been digging through old e-mail and catching up with some barefooting friends from all over. A recurring theme on all my e-mail messages is that this summer hasn’t been my best one for barefooting in the last few years… Indeed it hasn’t! I have been very busy with work; which has lead to my meeting with new clients as well as many business meeting – mostly at my client’s offices.

While I’m very comfortable barefooting around most of my existing clients, unfortunately, I haven’t worked up the guts to show up totally barefoot to a meeting with a new client; especially, when I don’t have the support from my business partner; who is comfortable with my barefooting at the office but opposes it if I want to visit clients when I’m with him; more so, if they are new clients.

Aside from work, I had numerous social and family engagements and commitments that also got in the way of my barefooting this summer… I also seem to have been sicker this summer. I got a couple of cases of strep throat this year and now I’m just getting over a cold.

Despite all this, however, I have been enjoying quite a bit my Birkenstock sandals and taking the chance to break them in properly. It’s funny, I’ve had them for almost 3 years now, and they feel as if I just bought them 2 months ago because I never wear them for more than a few minutes at a time – they are finally getting to feel “cumfy” these days.

I’m now going back to a more normal routine and hoping I can pack some more good quality barefooting before the winter and the snow burry us for some 4 to 5 months, starting mid-November. They are also predicting a mild winter up here in Toronto, so I’m hoping to keep a certain level of barefooting through the winter – we shall see… I’m planning to start my daily barefoot walks again on Tuesday (right after Canadian Thanksgiving Monday!) and see how far into the season I can keep doing it. Wish me luck!!

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