Modified Flip-flops for Better Extended Use

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As much as consider myself a “hardcore” advocate for barefooting, and the fact that I much rather have absolutely nothing on my feet whenever possible, I must admit that flip-flops can be a bit of a life saver some times. Whether I need some protection when crossing a rough patch on a hiking trail, or having to don something quickly if I need to be at a commercial establishment where bare feet are not welcomed.

All this being said, I find that flip-flops are not very good for extended wear due to the lack of anchoring around the heel. This, in turn, creates an almost imperceptible, yet potentially stressful and damaging reaction from our feet when we walk in these sandals for longer periods: in order to keep our flip-flops from “flying off” our feet, tend to curl the toes down with every step we take. This is not the natural way we walk, therefore it can be proven strenuous to our foot muscles and tendons, making them tired and irritated in the long run.

To work around this, I have devised a little trick in order to better fit my flip-flops on my feet: I use a sting of “paracord” (nylon woven cord) to tie the sandals to my heels. This, simple method emulates the fitting of a pair of huaraches and allows the flip-flops to adapt to the natural motion of my feet for a more comfortable extended use.

Please check the video below to see more in detail how I modify my flip-flops.

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