“Gross Guy on the Train”

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Gross guy on train
Originally uploaded by Julie Cakes.

Isn’t it the saddest, most judgmental title for this beautiful photo? The owner, someone who calls herself “Julie Cakes” who thought it was “gross” to be barefoot in the train (subway I assume) due to the dirt that this guy’s beautiful feet can be in contact with.

One more perfect example of how ignorant most people here in North America are about how healthy barefooting is…

I actually confronted her on Flickr.com and pointed out that how gross it was to be touching all the bars on the train with her bare hands and then bringing them close to her mouth, nose and eyes. She seemed to understand what I said…

At any rate, I love the photo. The only thing the guy could have done to make it better is have no shoes with him at all!

Barefoot Moe

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