Every Day Should be Like Yesterday…

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Yesterday was one of those “perfect” barefoot days which make you really enjoy and realize it’s a great lifestyle choice.

I’m in “summer mode” so I’m working from home these days (with a lighter workload) and I had my usual summer work attire on: polo shirt and a pair of cargo shorts; barefoot of course.

I needed a haircut and I was eager to see my hair stylist’s new shop he’s opened a few blocks from home; so I decided to walk there at about 11 am. Joe knows me; so it’s no surprise for him to see me show up in bare feet. However, he has new staff in the new place, so I didn’t know what to expect. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by the receptionist with a broad smile and she asked me to take a seat for a moment while Joe finished a phone call – no mention of my bare feet an no odd looks (need I pinch myself?)

Joe finished his call and came over to greet me with his usual cheery disposition. As soon as I got up he pointed at my feet and said very loudly and half-laughing: “Moe!! where are your shoes!!?” I laughed too… Then he called the receptionist and said to her: “This is Moe, he loves going barefoot. Can you believe some people won’t take his business because he has no shoes on!? People are so STUPID!”. The receptionist agreed it was a silly thing and she re-assured me: “We’re not THAT kind of people… you’re always welcome here!” — goes to show how good it is to have the business owner on your side!

Later on, I had to drive my partner to a meeting with his colleagues, so I decided to stop at the mall to run some errands on my way back. The mall is pretty sizeable and I have had some confrontation with security there in the past; however, I decided to give it a try anyway and went in barefoot, with my emergency flip-flops in my cargo pocket. I went to Sears to get my watch battery changed, browsed for some other watches while I waited, not a word or even a glance about my feet.

Once that was done, I crossed the busy mall to Shoppers Drug Mart (large pharmacy/store, similar to Walgreens) to get some birthday cards and other items. I shopped and paid with no incident and then made my way back to Sears to exit the mall from there (I took another snapshot as I was getting out of the mall: https://twitpic.com/b1i7g) and went on my merry way back to the car.

It wasn’t really an extraordinary day, I guess. I think I really loved it because no one bothered me about my bare feet and I the only comments I got were positive. It trully felt great to be at the mall doing my thing without being bothered or singled out. I don’t think many people didn’t even clued in I was barefoot… What a joy!

I certainly wish every day was like yesterday!

Keep ’em bare, keep ’em happy,

Barerfoot Moe
Toronto, Canada

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