I’m sure all of you’ve heard of or seen Barebottom Shoes, the minimalist barefoot shoe with no sole featured on Dragon’s Den (equivalent to Shark Tank). Well, I’m so excited to be giving away 2 pairs of these soleless shoes.

I would totally recommend wearing Barebottoms for everyday life, running errands, or as a tool to help you get comfortable with barefooting in public. They are a HUGE help when I am out running errands and don’t want to be confronted about being barefoot. At first glance, people really can’t see I am barefoot because the leather covers the top and sides of my foot. You have to do a double-take to really see my soles are NOT covered. For someone just starting out with the barefoot lifestyle or even a seasoned veteran, these shoes can be a super helpful tool for public outings. Most people will think you have shoes on when you know you don’t. It seems like the perfect compromise!

Barebottoms are wonderful for colder temperatures. They kept my feet warm this past Winter while walking around in temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Below 20 degrees Fahrenheit I have to put on moccasins but I know other barefooters who only use Barebottom Shoes during the Winter. I will work my way up to that!

Another positive for these unique barefoot shoes would be their ability to roll up into a small ball and fit into tiny spaces. They don’t take up a lot of room like traditional shoes. When I’m not wearing them, they are usually stuffed in my apron, diaper bag, or car door cubby.