Bare feet in Quebec City, Summer of 2006

Barefoot Life

Barefooting around Quebec City this summer was especially great because of all the different textures around the downtown court and the Old City. This photo was taken very close to Chateau Frontenac. Barefooting definitetly helped climbing the steep hills of the city. Sandals or shoes would only get in the way.

I also loved the fact that people didn’t seem to care about the fact I was barefooted. I managed to go barefoot into many churches, a couple of restaurants and in and out of the hotel we were staying without a problem.

I also managed to see a few other barefooters around the city and at the hotel lobby — the hotel indoor pool is very close to the lobby so people went from the pool to the lobby to use the public computers in bare feet. I thougth that was nice.

Especially enjoyable was dancing barefoot at “Le Drague” (THE gay bar to go to in Quebec City). I arrived in flip-flops but I managed to kick them off rather quickly upon starting to dance. No one seemed to care.

Quebec City is a wonderful city and I hope Gary and I go back again there soon…

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