About Barefoot Moe

Moe is a Graphic and Web Designer from Toronto, Canada. Moe has been indulging in the pleasures and benefits of a predominantly barefoot lifestyle for more than 20 years – his feet bare about 95% of the time, year-round.

Media Interviews Through the Years.


Between the years of 1999 and 2010, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by different local media here in Toronto about my barefoot lifestyle choice. I recently recovered a [...]

Media Interviews Through the Years.2016-12-12T22:51:45-05:00

5 Exercises for Stronger Feet


When talking to other barefooters, we tend to agree that one of the most rewarding results from shedding our shoes is the increase in foot strength. Nevertheless, I find that, [...]

5 Exercises for Stronger Feet2017-07-17T16:57:27-04:00

DYI Single-use Antibiotic Packets


  Just by chance the other day, I was perusing through Brian’s Backpacking Blog, I found the perfect addition to the Altoids Tin Emergency Kit: DYI Single-use Antibiotic Packets. While [...]

DYI Single-use Antibiotic Packets2017-07-17T16:57:27-04:00

Toronto Barefoot Hiking in the Fall


This year, we’ve had a particularly mild autumn in Ontario; temperatures have been consistently higher than normal all of September and into October and they seem to be holing off [...]

Toronto Barefoot Hiking in the Fall2017-07-17T16:57:27-04:00
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