A Barefoot Texan in Egypt

» A Guest Contribution by fellow barefooter Randal Lane from Hardcore Mind Barefoot Moe kindly ask me to do a guest post on his blog and I’m honored to do so. A small bit [...]

First barefooting spring 2013

Last week, I was 4 days in Bergen, Norway, at a work conference, with 300 participants from Norway and 6 foreign countries. I thought this would be a great event to start my barefoot season for this year. The temperature is 3-5 °C and the snow is melting most places. During this conference I was barefoot all the time, mainly in three different settings: in the hotel restaurant, during the day at the conference, and in the evening going out around Bergen. A movie theatre in Bergen, named after the Norwegian Viking Magnus Berrføtt (1073-1103) who ruled Norway for 10 years and was killed in battle. “Berrføtt” means barefoot and it should be obvious how he earned his nickname. […]

Barefoot in Business

» A Guest Contribution by fellow Barefooter Randy Scott owner of Barefoot Art & Antiques Whenever we hear about folks enjoying the barefoot lifestyle, we normally think of doing so in a non-work related environment, but what about the idea of not only living – but working – barefoot? Sound crazy? Not really. And like most topics surrounding the barefoot lifestyle, don’t rush to judgement. Not too long ago, barefoot competitive running would have been quickly criticized, but is now very popular and practically mainstream. Take it from a business owner that has been doing it for years! Of course, many businesses simply cannot allow employees to be barefoot for many reasons. Some are obvious like working in warehouse or construction positions where OSHA (Occupational Safety Health Administration) rules (in the USA), or other similar organizations elsewhere in the world, dictate. And of course, there are common sense rules that apply as well, no matter where you live. The potential for harm to your bare feet exists in many work environments. I believe they all pretty much speak to themselves so no need to dwell here. […]

What do “they” think of “us”?

I always find it interesting to ponder about what non-barefooters think of us barefooter when they interact with us in public. A prevalent subject during these interactions is the warnings about the (apparently imminent) dangers I will encounter while not having any foot protection in the outdoors. After giving it a thought, I’ve come to the realization that the great majority of shoe-wearing people, in their over-dependence on footwear, think we don’t weigh the consequences before we make our decision to step anywhere in bare feet. […]

A Barefoot Chat with Dr. Steve Gangemi
“The Sock Doc”

Dr. Steve Gangemi is a holistic physician, specializing in chiropractic and functional neurology. A 16-time Iron Man participant, and a barefooting advocate, he is actually known for wearing only socks [...]

The Being Barefoot Podcast Interview

I had the great pleasure to meet barefooter and podcaster Christopher Younkin on Skype last Friday. We chatted for about 1 and a half hour comparing notes about our barefoot [...]

A Barefoot Conversation with
Dale Blacker, RMT

Dale Blacker is a Registered Massage Therapist from Toronto, Canada who enjoys the benefits from walking and spending a good amount of time in bare feet - even at work [...]

Tips for Barefooting Beginners

Here are some pointers for anyone who wants to start going barefoot: Don't overdo it. Start by taking short walks around the neighbourhood and increase the distance and time according [...]

My Take on Minimalist Footwear

In recent years, there has been quite a bit of development of the so-called “minimalist footwear”. While the definition of minimalist footwear tends to vary from user to user and from manufacturer to manufacturer, basically, any type of footwear that is designed to simulate, as close as possible, the experience of going barefooted by still providing an acceptable amount of insulation and protection from the environment (at least part, usually the soles) can fall into the category of “minimalist”. […]

A great message for kids of all ages!

Set Your Piggies Free!

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