El Salvador

How I Became a Barefooter

I am often asked how I got into barefooting. It's one of those things that come up either in casual conversation with friends or in most of the interviews I've [...]


barefoot, Originally uploaded by ratterrell. I found this photo on flickr.com, posted by a guy who seems to be a member of a religious group that goes on missions helping the less fortunate in developing countries. This photo is from a “dump” in Nicaragua where many, very poor, families live and raise their young. The first paragraph of his caption reads: “over 200 kids and their families live in diriamban dump. our church has started a feeding program within the dump. the youth went and helped within the feeding program on two of the days we re in diriamba. i’m guessing that around a fourth of the kids we saw in the dump had no shoes. we are now starting to work on getting them shoes.” […]

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