A Barefoot Chat with Dr. Steve Gangemi
“The Sock Doc”

A Barefoot Chat with Dr. Steve Gangemi
“The Sock Doc”

Dr. Steve Gangemi is a holistic physician, specializing in chiropractic and functional neurology. A 16-time Iron Man participant, and a barefooting advocate, he is actually known for wearing only socks or going completely barefoot at his clinic.

The Sock Doc engaged with me in a great and informative conversation about his medical practice and his knowledge on the benefits of a barefoot lifestyle.

Dr. Gangemi shares a welth of health information on his two websites: SockDoc, Your Body. Your Health. and Dr. Gangemi, Health. Fitness. Life.

Watch the video-slide show below:

You can also listen to or download the audio stream here:


About the Author:

Moe is a Graphic and Web Designer from Toronto, Canada. Moe has been indulging in the pleasures and benefits of a predominantly barefoot lifestyle for more than 20 years – his feet bare about 95% of the time, year-round.

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