A Barefoot Texan in Egypt

» A Guest Contribution by fellow barefooter Randal Lane from Hardcore Mind

Randall in Egypt

Barefoot Moe kindly ask me to do a guest post on his blog and I’m honored to do so.

A small bit of background…..

I’m a Texan who has been working primarily internationally for about 20 years. The last 5 years I have been in Egypt working as the HSSE Manager/Director (Health, Safety, Security and Environmental) at petrochemical companies. This is my second project here and I’m working for an Egyptian corporation now but with a lot of the same old faces from my previous job in Egypt. Continue reading

The Best Grain-Free Homemade Pizza


I’m not sure if you have seen Food Babe’s latest post about what’s in the pizza at big chain pizza restaurants. It’s quite scary and it leaves me wondering how the FDA can get away with poisoning us.

It’s time to ditch the pizza restaurants and instead make pizza at home. After trying several different paleo pizza crusts, I finally found one that works, tastes great, and has the same texture as a “regular” gluten pie crust. I originally posted it on my blog but because it has worked so beautifully, I decided to post it here as well. Continue reading

You know your boss has your back when…

Last Summer at Work
Last Summer at Work

I had a interesting and endearing exchange at work yesterday. As many of you know, I’m lucky to be able to work barefoot most of the time and my boss and co-workers are very much used to it and very much aware of my lifestyle choice.

Anyhow, two web developers were hired last week and yesterday was their first day at the office. As usual, I was barefoot at work today but none of them said anything, or didn’t even seem faced at my lack of footwear; which I found rather refreshing, since I often find myself explaining my bare feet to new employees or clients when they first meet me.

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Super Easy Paleo Molasses Spice Cookies


Since it is FREEZING outside right now, I wanted to post these yummy spice cookies sure to warm you up! I love eating these with coffee in the morning, but they are awesome directly from the oven too. They have a wonderful crispy outside with a chewy inside. I will warn you, they are highly addictive! Of course, always eat them in moderation for a happy, healthy body.

Barefooting has been quite difficult lately with the single digit temperatures. I had to bust out my moccasins. I am actually quite surprised they keep my feet so warm, more so than my 5 fingers. I can’t wait until it warms up again so I can get some quality time soaking in electrons and feeling the dirt under my toes again. I can totally tell a difference in my health from the lack of grounding, plus shoes give me anxiety!

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