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Barefoot Planet is a repository of great information about the benefits and pleasures of leading a predominantly barefooted lifestyle. In addition, we are always looking for ways to improve our overall health, as well as ways to improve our relationship with Planet Earth by trying to understand our beautiful home and the many things it has to offer.


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Inspiring Video “Barefoot” by Justin Latam

Justin Latam is a fellow barefooter and talented singer/songwriter from Essex County, Ontario, Canada. He has released a very inspiring [...]

Water Saving Tips We Can All Use

Water is a precious resource we all need care for. Here are some tips to inspire all of us to be mindful about water use both at home and at work.

Review: Luongo Footwear

As most of you know, I consider myself first and foremost a "barefooter" – that is, I prefer having nothing at all on my feet [...]

Toronto Apparel

By popular demand, we have set up a collection of Souvenir Apparel featuring Moe's Toronto Illustration. All these items are available in a wide selection of [...]

Leather Cover for Field Notes Book

We are very happy to present the new Barefoot Planet leather jacket for Field Notes book. It features two large inside pockets to [...]

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Tips for Barefooting Beginners

Here are some pointers for anyone who wants to start going barefoot: Don't overdo it. Start by taking short walks [...]

There’s a Lot of Assuming Going On!

After nearly 20 years of leading a predominantly barefoot lifestyle, I keep being amazed by the amount of common assumptions [...]

How I Became a Barefooter

I am often asked how I got into barefooting. It's one of those things that come up either in casual conversation with friends or in [...]

Barefooting Has Many Health Benefits

Bare feet are healthy feet! Human feet, just like human hands, are not designed to be encased for hours on end in a pair of [...]

Barefooting in Public

One of the things most people wander about barefooting is whether doing it in public is OK or not. Well te answer is simple: Yes [...]